Zune 2.5 Update

Attention Zune owners: be sure to download the most recent update to Zune software (available through Microsoft Update or via manual download.) There are a few new features in this release:

  • Zune Card sharing – Add your friends' Zune Cards to your device and you'll be able to see recent songs they've played as well as favorite songs and artists. You can view my card at and see just how much of a Ben Folds freak I am. Please add me as a friend if you haven't yet.
  • TV show downloads – Nothing really to explain here. You can buy/download TV shows from the marketplace to your Zune even though you can watch many of them for free (and yes it's legal) on
  • Gapless playback – That 3 second delay between songs is so 1990s. You can now get rid of it on both your computer and on the device.
  • Custom playlists -WOOHOO! This is the biggest feature for me. You create a set of search criteria and it fills the playlist with songs that fit that search. You can filter by artist, rating, genre, date added, song year, composer, and number of song plays. Two playlists which I will be adding immediately are "Songs downloaded in the last month", "Top 100 Played Songs."

The full list of updates is available from Microsoft.