Videos, Digg, and Moblog, Oh My!

The moblog app is fully functional now. I basically had to rewrite it from scratch to use the new API but that’s ok. I’m just happy to have it back again. There were a lot of times I missed being able to upload a photo.

Secondly, I found out that this new version of Community Server is GREAT for videos. It used to be a lot of work for me to encode my movies into Flash so they would display in the post. Now I can get that very simply. If you click the Videos tab at the top nav bar, you’ll get sent off to a new media gallery specifically for videos. Click on a video and you’ll be asked to install Silverlight if you don’t have it already. What is Silverlight? It’s Microsoft’s competitor to Flash. You don’t really need to understand it, if you don’t want to. Just know that it’s safe and it will let you watch videos on my site.

And finally, there is a new sidebar section called “Dugg Stories.” I know many of you frequent the site, but for those of you that don’t, go check it out. People submit stories and then other people “digg” them if they think the story is interesting. The sidebar on my site will show you the last five stories that I have dugg. If you mouse over the link, you’ll get a description of the story. Clicking on the story will open it up in a new page. Think of it as extra reading if you come to my site and aren’t fulfilled by my posts. I can’t imagine that scenario though.