Traffic Poetry

Guest blogger Chris Pilla has his own traffic poetry…

I drive slowly onto the blue route

a backed up merge causes horns to toot

a 5 mile drive to hit 95

that takes 20 minutes – can't people drive!?

I merge on 95 near Delaware

At 7 am I hit sun glare

The traffic slows by the airport

a car cuts in, and i stop short

we're moving again and just a few miles ahead

everyone slows down; more construction to dread!

there's work on the bridge and slow moving uphill

i feel like i'm taking some sort of CRAZY PILL

over the hill and then we decline to heed

speed limit signs that we all do exceed

i finally get north of 676

"being on work on time" – an idea i now nix

more tail lights ahead that i see glow

some idiot got in a fender bender and needs a tow

i make it across the betsy ross bridge and contemplate

should i stay at work longer for being 20 minutes late?