To Infinity and Beyond!

There was a special series on Discovery called "When We Left Earth." It consisted of six 2-hour episodes talking about the birth of NASA. It made me think about how much I'd pay for the opportunity to go into space. $100K? Definitely. A million? Probably, but it would be harder to come up with a loan for that much.

It also made me wish I had been alive during the 60s to experience the thrill of it all in real time, but then I realized that we're kind of experiencing the second birth of space travel. Less than four years ago, Burt Rutan claimed the Ansari X PRIZE for manned suborbital flight. More recently, a team from Romania has announced their intentions to claim the Google Lunar X competition victory by launching a rover to the moon in the next three months.

NASA has done a superb job in the last 40 years, but it's slowed down by bureaucracy and hindered by budget changes. Now that the public is getting into the business, there's money to be made and entrepreneurs are starting to form business plans.

Maybe paying $100K to go to space in twenty years isn't that far-fetched. Time to start saving my pennies.