Ticket to Ride

Carcassone and Settlers of Catan were two of my favorite board games and they came to the Xbox360 about a year ago. This week, another one of my favorites showed up: Ticket to Ride. Tim, dust off your controller, it's time to play some Xbox.

I also picked up Race Driver: GRID last week due in part to the good reviews. Driving games are my top genre and I'm pretty picky about what I want. This game falls somewhere between a straight arcade title and a real simulator. The physics are decent but over the top in an arcadey way. Damage doesn't really affect you until you really start crushing into people. You're allowed to rewind time during a race to redo a stretch of track. That feature is great for those longer races that you screw up right at the end. I also enjoy the way you sign sponsors and an additional teammate. That being said, the game still falls way below both Forza games in terms of playability and sheer fun for me. It's a fun game, but it can't live up to the physics and realism goodness of Forza.