The Senate At Cafe Solstice

On Friday night, Chelsea, Tim, Andy, Stephanie, Magoo, Tyla and I headed into Seattle to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Ok that’s not a complete list but I can’t remember the name of the other guy who came and I feel a bit bad about that. Anyway, we started off with some delicious pizza and calzones at Piccolos Pizza, and then it was on to Cafe Solstice to see the Senate. I saw them play there last year with almost the same group. Tyla had been invited but it was before we started dating and she didn’t come. I’m glad we got to head back there so she could hear them play. She and I saw them at Red Hook, but their Cafe Solstice show is a lot more fun.

Anyway, it was a fantastic concert with a good mix of old and new music. It’s awesome to pay just $10 to stand two rows from the front and hear such a good band. I took a little video of the end of the concert when they wrapped with the Ocean Song. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Go buy/download their album! Only in Seattle will you see a guy put down his bass to beat box all while wearing a kilt.

PS. Do any of you attendees remember the name of the opening act? Austin something?