Senate at Red Hook

Ever since I saw The Senate last summer at Cafe Solstice, I’ve been itching to see them again. Their album is on regular rotation in my car. On Friday night, Tyla and I headed over to Red Hook Brewery (conveniently only 3 miles from her apartment) to hear them play again.

It was a much different situation than Cafe Solstice. There the entire group was united in their desire to hear the band. At Red Hook, half the people were more content to drink their beer and chat. At the cafe, everyone was standing up. At Red Hook, everyone was in their chairs and it resulted in a more mellow atmosphere.

Red Hook and the Senate are two of the best things I’ve discovered in Seattle. They just don’t mesh very well together. I’m glad they are getting repeat gigs at Red Hook, but I think I’ll probably check them out at a different venue next time.