from the justification-for-cable dept

For months now I have been living in a state of perpetual disappointment. I thought that SpikeTV had pulled the funniest show I have ever seen in my life… that's right… Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. For those of you that have never seen the show, it's a gameshow import from Japan. The show basically involves crazy stunts for the contestants which always involve incredible bodily injury. For instance, one of the classic events is running across a pond full of stepping stones. Sounds simple, but there's a catch. Some of the stones aren't really stones and they fall away when you step on them. Of course the contestant then proceeds to smash their face into a real stone. Great fun. You wouldn't think that show could get any better, but it does. Instead of listening to it in Japanese, two hilarious commentators dub over it. You might be sitting there thinking "I would never laugh at other's bodily harm." I would venture to say that you have never seen the show. Nobody can watch this show without laughing for the entire half hour. It's biologically impossible. But back to my point (if there ever was one), the show was merely renamed to "MXC." Thanks to the wonders of ReplayTV, I'm going to start building a collection of all the shows. Just imagine bone crushing hilarity on a 9 foot theater screen!