Mt. Rainier Hike

Last weekend Tyla and I headed down to the Sunrise visitor’s center on the east side of Mt. Rainier to do a little hiking. The day started off very cloudy/foggy, but the UW weather models said the clouds would clear so we went for it.

We took a roundabout route to the Mt. Fremont lookout. There was still quite a bit of snow so I had to adjust the route as we went. We still crossed more snow than I had planned, but Tyla did really well considering that she had low socks and sneakers on! The Mt. Fremont lookout was first place I ever hiked at Mt. Rainier and it was with Mom and Dad back in 2006. This time was quite a bit different because when we rounded the corner for the last mile to the lookout, we were in a cloud and visibility was very low. I told Tyla that when we got home, I’d show her a picture of what it would have looked like if it was clear. Thankfully I had this great panorama that I made on the last visit.

The lookout was so anticlimactic that we actually hiked back down the trail to a spot where we had a little better view of the mountain and ate our lunch there. While we ate, I fired up a timelapse. It’s available on YouTube and I’ll embed it below. I was hoping that the clouds would clear to show the mountain but it never happened.

I also stopped to take a ton of pictures of the mountain which I later stitched into a big Photosynth panorama. This is a combination of about 45 photos. You can zoom in pretty far since it’s a total of 111 megapixels!

There are other photos available in the photo gallery with a few of my favorites included below. All in all it was a great day for a hike! Thanks to Tyla for putting up with all the photo stops!