Mt. Baker Lift Chair

This summer, Mt. Baker is replacing chair lift #1. It's the last double chair on the mountain. Last week, they started a silent auction and all sales from the chairs go to support NWAC (the Northwest Avalanche Center.) I love their website and their forecasts so I decided to put in a bid to support them.

The auction ended today and I won! So now that I own a lift chair, where will I put it? Once I move to an actual house, it will make a great porch swing, but for now I'm not sure what I will do with it. The whole assembly is probably about 8-9 feet tall, but it can be disassembled to be just the seat art. My first attempt will be to build a base for it and then set the whole assembly on the deck of our condo. If that doesn't work, I may try to use it as seating in my office. If that doesn't work, this whole thing can stored on our brand new shelves until I move into a bigger place. Or maybe I'll go with Jay's idea: put wheels on it and tow it behind my motorcycle.

I don't have any pictures of the chair itself, but I included the picture from the Mt. Baker auction page. This was the first lift that was put up at Mt. Baker in 1954, and it was the only lift until 1965. I requested and received chair #12 (my baseball number.) Lift #1 is the one you ride to get to my favorite runs through the Canyon. Here is information about the lift from Wikipedia:

Double chair from the Heather Meadows upper base area to the top of Panorama Dome — there is a midpoint station on this lift where other riders can catch it halfway down the mountain, allowing for speedy runs on the Austin, Pan Face, North Face, Chicken Ridge, and the famed Chute. Also accessible from 1 is the Canyon, and the rest of the chair 6 terrain.

Lots of people have asked how much I paid, and I'd rather not answer that. I'll just say that it was less than my leather recliner couch but more than my computer desk and chair.