Mi Casa NO Es Tu Casa

Last night was Tim's last night as my roommate. Today I evicted him. Well, technically he's getting his own place. He found a great house over by the lake and he'll live there for the three months until they get married. Then his bachelor pad will become their first home.

It was almost two years ago that Tim moved in here. We hardly knew each other but we quickly became great friends. I was going to put together a little video of all the photos of just the two of us, but it turns out that there aren't that many. So instead, I'll post the first picture I have of the two of us. It's from Whistler in January of 2007.

So thanks for being my roommate for the last two years Tim! We had some good times. Oh and we should probably tell the world about our little bet just to keep us honest, don't you think?

At dinner last night, we were discussing our fantasy football teams and how we would finish. I proposed that we have a bet for who would finish ahead of the other person. Tim immediately said that if I lost, I had to go skinny dipping in the pond/swamp behind my house. We ended up agreeing that I would swim across with a swimsuit. And if he loses? He has to take the mic at his wedding, clear the dance floor, tell everyone that I beat him in fantasy football and then do the hokey pokey all by himself.

I better go fix up my football roster. And Tim, you better start practicing your hokey and your pokey.