Matt Nathanson Concert Review

Tyla and I headed into Seattle on Wednesady night for the Matt Nathanson concert at the Showbox at the Market. Neither of us had ever been to the venue, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Doors open at 8 and over 21 guests can hang out in the Green Room bar before hand to get first dibs on the 100% general admission seating. The main concert area is a decent sized club scene that holds 1000 people. There are three separate bars which are divided off from the main floor for all ages shows. We really didn’t feel like getting there at 7 or 7:30 and then waiting until 10pm (or later) for Matt to go on. We decided to take our chances and showed up at about 9:50pm. I was prepared to be stuck in the back of the room amongst hot sweaty bodies, but we got a great view from stage left in the bar by the photo booth. We weren’t crowded and had a fantastic view for the whole show.

The show itself was great! I won’t say it was the best concert I’ve ever been to, but I’m very happy that I finally got to see him in concert. Not familiar with his music? Check out “Come on Get Higher” and you’ll probably recognize him. That clip also gives a good idea of the comedic banter in between songs. I think my favorite part of the concert was just seeing how much he loves being on stage. You could tell that he was genuinely having a good time and not just collecting a paycheck.

Matt threw in a lot of older songs and covers into the mix. The covers included Jesse’s Girl, Take On Me, All I Have to Do is Dream, and a duet cover of Cat Stevens – Wild World with Brett Dennen who was playing down the street at the Triple Door.

All in all, the concert was a blast and was well worth the wait. General admission venues still bug me, but that’s the only way I get to see some of the good acts like this. Special thanks to Tyla for coming to a concert for an artist she didn’t know in a genre she doesn’t listen to! Next up… I do the same thing to her on Monday at the Jason Mraz concert. I owe you!