Lion King at the Paramount Theater

Here’s a special treat to start the week: Tyla is guest blogging!

Ben surprised me with tickets to see The Lion King last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how the cast would pull off a play of all animals. From the moment Rafiki burst into “Nants Ingonyama” I was captivated…the song was so clear and crisp…so like the movie soundtrack. A look in the program showed the actress playing Rafiki was actually on The Lion King Soundtrack. But as amazing as the singing and dancing was, it was nothing compared to the costumes. Our top two favorites belonged to the ginormous elephant and the giraffes. They were so graceful and life-like, walking with their hands and feet on stilts! Make sure you’re there on time, because you won’t want to miss the processional of animals in the opening act. I wished I had eyes completely surrounding my head so I could take in EVERYTHING that was going on around me. Oh! I almost forgot about the swing acrobatics and the animals flying through the air. Again, I wished I had more eyes to watch everything at once.