Lady Antebellum’s Seattle Concert Review

Earlier this year, Tyla and I bought tickets to two concerts: Jim Gaffigan and Lady Antebellum. Mt. Hot Pocket was hilarious and we thoroughly enjoyed that. But if you asked Tyla which one she was more excited for, I think she would have said Lady Antebellum.

It was our first time at the WaMu Theater. I’ve been in that building many times for trade shows but never for a concert. It’s not the best place to see a show but it’s not terrible. The biggest difference is that you’re on a flat floor so if you have a short wife she might get unlucky and not have much of a view. Luckily the two seats in front of us were empty until about the last 4 songs.

David Nail opened for LadyA. He has a song called “Red Light” on the radio right now. I wasn’t very impressed with him. I think he finished about one out of every ten words he sang and since I don’t know his music, it was impossible to know what he was singing. That left me listening to the music and aside from his one hit, it all sounded extremely similar.

Tyla and I saw LadyA a year and a half ago when they came to Qwest as part of the huge Kenny Chesney concert. We left that night a little disappointed in them. They didn’t have a great stage presence. That has all changed now. They were fantastic on stage, sang a wide variety of music and seemed to be having a lot of fun up there. I thought the show was just about the right length. I was also happy that they didn’t beg for endless minutes of applause to start the encore and they only did a single song encore.

All in all it was a great night! If you get a chance to see LadyA, I recommend it! If you’re not familiar with their music, check out their YouTube channel.