Kirkland 5k

Two years ago while Tyla and I were dating, we entered the Kirkland 5k. Her company is a sponsor and many of them run or walk. We chose the latter and had a nice walk through the sunshine. Recently we found the photo on the right posted online with the results. We were clearly dressed for a walk, not a run, but we both made a sprint for the finish line when it appeared. After it was over, I uttered the words, “If we do this again, I think we should run.” It was more a comment that I didn’t feel like walking 5k served much purpose, but this year those words came back to haunt me. We ran it.

I know 5k isn’t that far, but I don’t know that I’ve ever run that far in my life. It was fun to watch Tyla get into it. She was out training three days a week. I, on the other hand, went running twice (for a grand total of less than 5k) and slept in while she got up early to go running all those mornings.

The race was Sunday morning. I let Tyla set the pace while I took advantage of my much longer legs and walked/jogged/ran behind her. The first mile includes a very long hill. The second mile is mostly downhill. And then for the last mile she really kicked it into high gear. I was able to keep up pretty well but she was definitely in better shape than me.

She finished in 33:39 and I crossed the line 8 seconds behind her, but I think she could have beat me by a lot more if she had been pushing it. I will admit that was the most fun I’ve ever had running and the endorphin rush felt good, but the question is, will I run another?

My immediate answer was no. I don’t get a lot of enjoyment out of running. But now the geek in me sees a number and thinks I can beat it. Plus, now that I know I can survive a 5k without too much training, maybe I’ll be game for it again. Of course if that happens, then I’ll start to wonder how fast I could do it if I trained. It’s a slippery slope.

Tyla is thinking about trying a longer race at some point this summer. It’s fun to see her get excited about this, and she seems to have a knack for it. I may be content to be the cheering husband from the sideline snapping pictures.

Thank you Tyla for convincing me to do this and helping me cross “Run a 5k” off my list!