Kerry Park Sunset

There’s a park up on Queen Anne Hill (where Frasier’s apartment would have been if it really existed!) called Kerry Park and it has a great view of Seattle and Mt. Rainier. If you’ve seen a skyline postcard of Seattle, this is probably where it was taken. I’ve never been there, but the other night it was pretty clear so Tyla and I hopped in the car and checked it out.

I thought I’d be the dork with the camera on the tripod, but boy was I wrong. There were at least five or six other photographers there with way more expensive gear than me. I went from thinking I’d be a dork to feeling like a n00b.

The sunset was beautiful (though you can’t actually see the sun setting from this point) and I had fun taking photos. Mt. Rainier was a bit hazy due to the fire smog coming in from Asia. (You can read more about the smog on Cliff Mass’s weather blog.) But now that I think about it, maybe it was the haze from the guy behind us on the park bench smoking weed.

Once we moved to get out of his cloud, I got a couple good photos. Here are my favorites:

You can see a bigger version of the bottom picture on PhotoSynth, but it’s nothing spectacular. I only used four or five photos to make it.