Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Jim Beam sent over a new bottle of bourbon for me to try out. This one is called Devil’s Cut which is a play on the phrase “angel’s share.” That’s the bit of whiskey that evaporates during the maturing process. In contrast to that, Devil’s Cut is made after the whiskey barrels have been dumped. Instead of just rinsing the barrels with water to get what’s leftover, Jim Beam partially fills the barrels and then lets them sit. This is then mixed with a 6 year old bourbon base to create a drink that tastes a lot older than it really is.

While camping may not be the most precise tasting environment you could dream up, I took it with us on our trip last weekend. We all enjoyed it and raised our glasses to the good folks over at Jim Beam who have created a great new beverage!

You can find 90 proof Devil’s Cut at your favorite liquor store for $26.95 (plus state taxes for a 750mL bottle. Here in Washington that means a total price of $35.93.