Jason Mraz Concert Review

Tyla and I have been taking in a lot of shows lately. Matt Nathanson was last week, Bye Bye Birdie was Saturday night, and Jason Mraz was this Monday night.

I bought these tickets a couple months ago and the show was almost sold out back then. I had a tough decision as I could have nearly tripled my money by selling the tickets, but I really wanted to see this concert, so to Seattle we headed! This was the same theater where we saw Phantom a couple months ago.

Lisa Hannigan opened the show. While we weren’t big fans of her music, she did do a good job when she came back on stage for the “Lucky” duet with Jason later in the show.

This was Jason’s second night of two Seattle shows on the tour, and he said he wanted to take the opportunity to play a bunch of older songs. One of the reasons I like his music so much is that he has a wide variety of songs. Last night’s concert really showed that off. I don’t remember the full set list, but there were four songs off of his new album: I’m Yours, Love for a Child, The Dynamo of Volition, and, of course, Lucky. The crowd sat for most of the concert, but he got everyone on their feet to end the show with Dynamo. I took some video and it’s included below.

Speaking of video, kudos to Jason and crew for encouraging the use of cameras. Videos like this on YouTube only encourage people to attend one of his shows in person. I searched for Jason Mraz videos added by date and I was able to find quite a few clips from his two Seattle shows already up there. Both “I’m Yours” and “Lucky” linked above are from Sunday night’s show.

Thanks AGAIN to Tyla for going to another concert by someone she doesn’t know in a genre she doesn’t listen to. You’re the best!

PS. More than two years after Jason released his “Mr. A-Z” title, I just realized why it’s titled that. Mraz. MRAZ. Mr. A-Z. I’m dumb. My only consolation is that Jay didn’t realize it until I pointed it out to him.