Half Price Books

I’ve never been to Half Price Books before, but yesterday Tyla and I made a stop there. I have two large boxes full of books that I’ve collected over the years. They range from college textbooks to paperbacks. I’m not one for rereading books and I sure hope I’ll never need my Linear Algebra 2 book ever again. It was time to ditch them rather then have them take up space in the closet and break my back when it’s time to move again.

I knew I wasn’t going to get much money since the textbooks are probably worth $0, but I was a little disappointed to only receive $25 total for the ~50 books I took in there. I paid well over $1000 for them when they were new. But hey, at least they aren’t in my closet anymore. I actually walked out with a cookbook, a piano book, and $7.57.

As I thought more about it, I wonder if I could have come out ahead by donating the books to the library instead of selling them to the bookstore. Average effective tax rates range from 10-20%. So while I couldn’t have, in good conscience, claimed the textbooks on my taxes, the rest may have added up to enough of a deduction that I would have saved more than $25.

I did enjoy the store though. The next time I’m looking to buy a book, I’ll be heading there first instead of Barnes & Noble.