Gas Prices

Gas prices have been dropping quite a bit around here lately and nobody is complaining. It got me to wondering about the average cost of gas over the years when adjusted for inflation. It turns out we’re paying about the same amount that our great grandparents did back in World War 1!

Or here’s the same data displayed slightly differently. I took the chart for the average price of gas and overlaid the cost of a 1919 dollar.

KenC posted a couple videos on YouTube recently which tie right into this post. The first talks about some of the economics behind gas prices and the second one talks about who gets rich when you buy gas. (Hint: it’s not the oil company.)

On a semi-related note, Tyla and I are car shopping for something a little more baby friendly. I find it interesting that after so many years of making hybrids, it’s still generally not a cost savings over the life of the car. The two explanations I can come up with are that people buy hybrids because they’re confused about the math or because they are attempting to help the environment. Either way, it makes sense for the car companies to keep charging more for these, but personally I’m not going to jump on that until it saves me money. I’m still keeping an eye on it though because in another 5 years or so when it’s time to replace the Impreza, I’d love to find an economically feasible electric car for commuting back and forth to work. Or better yet, maybe we’ll be past this electric battery nonsense and be hydrogen powered!

Are you Ford Edge buyers still happy with your choice? The AWD version of that is our leading candidate right now.

Gas Prices

During a completely business-related discussion, Jonathan and I started talking about gas prices and how much it costs per year. That got me curious and I started googling (no surprise there.) I found a list of gasoline prices around the world as of March 2005. Click here for the full article.

Nation Price in USD
Netherlands $6.48
Norway $6.27
Italy $5.96
Egypt $0.65
Nigeria $0.38
Venezuela $0.12