Garage Cabinets

The shelves next to our garage fridge have been working well so it was time to work on using the space above the fridge for more storage. I looked at a bunch of different designs but eventually decided to see if I could build “real” cabinets.

To kick it off, I built some simple boxes using pocket holes. Since this was just being used in the garage, I wasn’t too concerned about having those pocket holes showing. Obviously for something nicer you’d want a different type of joinery. The dimensions are 24″ wide, 30″ high and 24″ deep. That’s a lot deeper than a standard cabinet but it works fine in this location.

To mount it to the wall, I went with a french cleat system. This let me easily hang them on the wall and get them positioned the way I wanted them. After they were in place, I did add some screws into the studs but those really aren’t necessary. I was able to hang from the edge of the cabinets with them just sitting in the french cleat.

This was the first time I had ever built a face frame and doors. I’m really happy I went for it because it turned these quick and dirty cabinets into something that looks respectable. I just used a bunch of scrap 2x4s to do it but it turned out great. I picked up some cheap self-closing hinges and handles from Amazon to complete the doors.

I’m extremely happy with how these turned out. They are a great place to store our extra stash of paper towels, toilets paper and other random bulky supplies. And since they have doors, I don’t have to worry about them getting all dusty. I want to start doing more stuff with doors in the garage to make it at least appear to be a little more tidy.

garagecabinets1 garagecabinets2 garagecabinets3