Tyla and I had a great Independence Day. We spent the afternoon at her family’s house enjoying delicious food and a new game called Dominion. (Any fans out there?) Then later in the evening we headed up to Monroe where fireworks are legal. Tyla and I bought a few and Tim and Chelsea bought a lot. Andy and Stephane brought some awesome pulled pork.

As we waited for it to get dark, we decided to mess around with the sparklers and our camera. I had been reading about light painting and I was pretty happy with the very first attempts. These were taken with the camera set to manual focus, BULB shutter, and about f/9. The camera was on a tripod hooked up to a remote shutter release. I’d hold the shutter open while everyone else drew things with the sparklers. Here are some of our better attempts. The very first one cracks me up every time I see it. The plan was to have every person write one letter of “JULY 4”, but Andy wrote “POOP” instead of “Y” and Tim made a backwards 4. And the last one is of course from Chelsea who works at Brooks headquarters.

I also tried to take photos of the fireworks, but that didn’t turn out quite so well. I think my focus was a bit off for all of them and then we got lots of smoke in the air. And on top of all that, I think my lens was fogging a bit. But even with all that, I still got some that were interesting.

We ended up leaving Monroe at the perfect time. As we got off of 2 onto 522, we stopped on the overpass and had a terrific view of the show from the Evergreen State Fairgrounds!