EZPass Drive Thru

Hvae you ever had a fantastic idea only to find out that somebody else is already making money off of it? This happens to me all the time. Here are some past examples:

1) Integrating live traffic data from the Internet into your car's navigation system. Honda is already researching this. Expect to see it soon. That was a good one too. I even had some venture capitalists who wanted to meet with me about the idea.

2) Defining GUI's via XML. Yeah that one is kind of geeky, but you programmers will know it by the codename "Avalon." Expect to see it in the next version of Windows.

3) Smell-o-printers. By mixing different chemicals (similar to mixing colors in an inkjet printer), this device would emit different smells to enhance your computer experience (think gaming, etc.) Ok so this was a dumb idea. It was tried but never took off.

And now my latest idea… drumroll… how great would it be if you could use your EZPass in drive-thru's or at gas stations? I thought I was really onto something there. But apparently some of you lucky people are already doing this! I googled and found some references to it up in NY and down in Texas. It has been integrated with McDonald's and Mobil gas stations. It's sheer genius I tell you! How long until we get it in Jersey?