Data Security

I've had my Windows Home Server since February. When I first bought it, I didn't think it was really going to be that useful. Now I can't live without it. I'll always have it (or something comparable.) I love having all that storage on my network from every computer and it provides me with so much peace of mind knowing that every computer in my house is backed up daily. If any of them fail, I'll just drop new hardware in and hit restore. It only takes about forty five minutes to completely restore a PC. Brilliant.

Another great feature is file duplication. Every file on that server is stored on two separate physical drives. This isolates me from any drive failures in the unit.

That just wasn't enough for me. I have over 17GB of photos and it's growing rapidly. If I lose those files, there is NO WAY to ever get them back. They're just gone. Forever. I'm very well protected from hard drive failure with this Windows Home Server, but what happens if my house burns down or there is a flood in my house? Any number of things could take out the whole physical server. DVD backups are ok but they degrade over the years, and they are stale as soon as you make them.

Enter my latest solution: automated offsite storage. I have a USB hard drive connected to an offsite PC and it connects to my Windows Home Server twice a week and copies down all of my irreplaceable files using SyncBack. Eventually I will probably move to a pay service on the web which does this, but my homebrew solution works well right now. I feel a lot better knowing that I'm shielded from not only drive failures, but natural disasters.

Hmm but if Mt. Rainier blows I still might have issues. My second offsite backup should really be in another state…