Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – Yard Work In 1996

As I’ve been getting started on our huge landscaping project, it seemed fitting to show a photo from a project back in Indiana. Dad was rebuilding the back terrace retaining wall and there are a couple photos of me digging post holes decked out in my elementary school all-star baseball shirt and high school baseball hat. I don’t know why that was the best work wear. I do still have my high school jersey though. Maybe I should wear that while working out in the yard now?

Throwback Thursday – 1981 First Haircut

Elijah got his first haircut recently so I thought it was fitting to show the first time that I had my haircut. It’s hard to make that first haircut for your child. Mom and Dad got some help from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Dean to make those first snips of my hair. It looks like it was a surprise attack in the middle of a croquet game.