Parental Albums

Are there albums or songs that remind you of your parents? When I think of my parents and music, there are pretty clear associations.

For Mom it was Chicago’s “Greatest Hits 1982-1989” album. I remember her putting that album on while she cleaned the house. (It’s not available on Spotify but somebody built a playlist to piece all the songs together.) I think she had this one on CD and we didn’t get into CDs until the mid 90s.

And Dad? I remember riding around in his Ford Probe listening to the “Happy Together” album by The Nylons. That one got a good workout. I know he loved the 8 track system in his Gran Torino Sport, but I was too young to remember the music that got played in there.

Random sidenote: The song “Happy Together” was used in Ernest Goes To Camp (easily the top movie of my childhood) and since Dad was always playing The Nylons, I assumed that they had written the song. Nope. It was from a band in the 60s called The Turtles. So now I get why they had to sing that specific song to the turtle to get it to unclamp from Ernest’s nose. Whew, took me a while (decades) to get that one. It’s the movie that keeps on giving.

Piano Playing

I played a piece on the piano at church on Sunday for the post service music. It occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video of something like that so here you go. This is actually from one of my practice sessions earlier in the week. It’s a combination of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today and Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah.

Spotify is some of the best money that we spend every month. It’s awesome to have easy access to “all” the music. A while back, I clicked the button in the app to keep a history of all the songs that I listen to on my account.

Now that i’ve been using this for a couple months, it’s fun to see my listening trends. You can actually view my profile too, but here are some of the stats I picked up.

Top artists:

  1. Ben Folds
  2. Jonathan Coulton
  3. Amos Less
  4. The Senat
  5. John Mayer


Top albums:

  1. The Senate – Live at Solstice
  2. Ben Folds – The Best Imitation of Myself
  3. Jonathan Coulton – Best. Concert. Ever.
  4. fun. – Some Nights
  5. Howard Shore – The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring


Top Tracks:

  1. The Shins – Caring is Creepy
  2. Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher
  3. Tyrone Wells – Use Sombody
  4. The Barr Brothers – Even the Darkness Has Arms
  5. Matt Hires – Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song


I don’t quite understand how they do these calculations. For example, if I’ve listened to the “Live at Solstice” album 40+ times, why aren’t those tracks in my “top tracks” list? But regardless, I can wholeheartedly recommend all of that music. It’s a pretty good cross section of what I listen to at work. I don’t have that feature enabled when I play music at home or on my phone since then I would be flooded with Elijah’s music.

Caspar Babypants Framed Photo

Last fall we all went to see Caspar Babypants at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. Elijah has been to a lot of kiddie concerts but this was his first “real” concert where there was a ticket purchase and a theater, etc.

At the concert, we bought some artwork and had it signed by Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants.) The artwork was done by his wife, Kate Endle.

It was pretty cool to get an autograph but I stupidly got it on the plastic covering for the photo. It’s kind of hard to display that. So the next time Tyla and Elijah went to see Caspar, they took Elijah’s concert ticket from the Neptune and asked him to sign that.

This simple project took me FOREVER but I finally got it framed and hung on the wall. I want to have a smaller frame for the ticket hanging separately from the artwork, but given how long this simple task took, I figured I should just get part way there.

Thanks to Chris and Kate for making great music and artwork!


Easter Service Videos

Easter Sunday usually entails a special service with a bunch of extra music which means I generally try to do some video recordings for our YouTube channel. I’m trickling them out one at a time on our Facebook page, but you can see them all right now if you’re interested. We have some very talented musicians in our church! If you’re into organ music, our organist, Wyatt, is giving a free concert at the church on Friday night at 7:30pm. This concert is part of his organ PhD requirements at UW.