Discovery Bay

For Memorial Day weekend, we packed up the car and headed west with Tyla’s family to stay in a condo on Discovery Bay. It was great to get away for a while and we had a couple fun day trips to Fort Worden State Park and Hurricane Ridge. In the evenings we filled our time with board games, including our first attempts at 7 Wonders which quickly jumped near the top of my favorites list. The weather was beautiful for the entire trip!

Aviation Day 5K

Tyla, Megan and Logan decided to run a 5K together and they picked the Aviation Day 5k. Logan finished in just over 25 minutes (his first ever 5k!) and all three had a good time. I went along to snap pictures and join them for the aviation display after. There were a bunch of planes on display as well as some historic planes that took to the air throughout the day.

I feel silly at events like this because I love to snap photos but i know there are plenty of better photos available online of the same planes. Oh well, it’s still fun to try and get a great shot.

CLPAK End Of Year Program

Last night was the end of year program for Elijah’s school. The kids sang some songs, Pastor shared a devotion, and there was a graduation ceremony for the two kindergartners. It’s always fun to see the church so full of people who don’t normally attend! The program went well. A huge thanks goes to Mandy, Grace and Linda for all their hard work preparing the kids for the program and to the parents who helped with the rest of the night too.

Mother’s Day Excursion

Since we were spending time on Tyla’s family on Sunday, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with just our family on Saturday. While Tyla was showering on Saturday morning, Elijah and I made a run to the donut shop. He picked out the biggest donut with sprinkles that he could find.

After that it was off for another ride on the Edmond-Kingston ferry. This is becoming one of our favorite family activities. We park in Edmonds (street parking is free east of 6th Ave) and then walk onto the ferry. Kingston has a number of little restaurants near the dock along with a park. Kudos to Elijah for snapping a picture of us.

We stopped at a new place for lunch, Main Street Ale House and had a great lunch. We had previously eaten at Drifters, and while that was fine, I think the Main Street Ale House will take precedence. For dessert we walked across the street to Mora Ice Creamery. That was delicious and filling.

The timing worked out well and a ferry was leaving so we got back on and rode back home. The weather was much nicer than we expected and I think we all had a great time!