2 + 2 = Chicken

On Friday night, Tim and I headed to Marymoor Park to see Brian Regan. Ever since EdD introduced me to Brian’s stuff, I’ve wanted to see him in concert. When I heard he was coming to Redmond, I set my alarm early on the Saturday morning when the tickets went on sale and snagged third row seats.

It was worth the wait. The opening act was a local comic named Kermit Apio. Brian did a nice long set and it was almost all new to me. He even started off with about 10 minutes of Seattle jokes. By the time he finished up, my cheeks hurt from laughing.

It was a fantastic night. My camera had a bit of trouble with the dark background and the spotlight, but I was able to get some decent pictures and a bit of video. It’s all included at the bottom of the post.

Make every effort to go see Brian Regan live. He’s one of the funniest humans alive, and it’s a real shame that more people don’t know about him! Look for his new Comedy Central stand-up which will start showing up in September.