Garden Boxes

A couple of our neighbors have pretty successful raised garden beds, and this year, Tyla and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. There’s a natural spot for them where the cherry trees used to be beside our driveway. It’s even plumbed for drip irrigation already.

This was the first time I’d ever built boxes like this but I used our next door neighbors for inspiration. It’s basically two 2×8 boards stacked on stop of each other with 4x4s as the corner. I dug down to level the boxes out and then pounded 4x4s into the ground to keep the boxes in place. The ground was very soggy so all of that was pretty simple. The hardest part was just keeping the box aligned correctly. It was rainy pretty hard for most of my project so I skipped a lot of the steps that probably would have saved me time like staking a line to help keep everything straight. Elijah thought it was a pretty fun project and helped for a bit before it got too wet and he went inside. He was the smart one because I ended up soaking wet. I finished them off with 1x4s around the top partially to hide my mistakes and also as a place to set tools and sit down while weeding.

I used cheap pine for this. I didn’t want anything treated since I’m not sure that is food safe. I should have probably used cedar but that was about $250 extra and I wasn’t willing to pour that much money in. We’ll let these go for 5-10 years until they rot and by then I bet I’ll have other ideas anyway.

The next step is getting the drip irrigation plumbed to the right spots and then filling the boxes with dirt.

Elijah’s Box

Home Depot has Saturday morning projects targeted at kids. I thought I’d try to take Elijah to one since he likes to work with me in the shop.

The project was a photo box which I realized would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift from Elijah to Tyla. I obviously helped him a lot, but he did do a lot of the hammering and decoration by himself and I tried very hard to restrain myself and let it look like a 3 year old made it.

We motored through it pretty quickly but he still lost interest toward the end. I think we’ll wait a little longer before trying another one, but he was very proud of what he had made and was excited to give it to Tyla on Valentine’s Day.

Best Of YouTube

Bad Lip Reading makes it into the list again with a recap of the NFL for 2017. “My brain is so loud.”

Adam Ruins Everything is apparently a show on TruTV, but there are a bunch of clips on YouTube and that’s how I’ve been watching it. Learn why that electric car might actually be worse for the environment than a regular car and why that lady who sued for hot coffee from McDonald’s isn’t as crazy as you probably think she is.

The White Rabbit Project is on Netflix, not YouTube, but it might tickle your fancy if you liked Mythbusters. Tory, Kari and Grant are back together again and they are sort of testing myths but it’s a little different format. It’s not as good as Mythbusters, but if you liked those three, this is at least a good one to have on in the background while you do other things.

500 Unique Beers

Congrats to Luke who has won the race to be the first one in our group with 500 unique beers logged in the Untappd app! His 500th beer was a Castor from 3rd Sign Brewery and he only a 3 out of 5 stars.

I’ve already done a post with some stats about our beer drinking, but here’s another one. It’s the average score that we give to beers. You can see that I’m a little more stodgy than the others, or maybe I’m just more willing to try beers I know I won’t like just so I can log them in the app. (I’ve included Logan this time since he has started using the app too.)

User Average Rating
Ben 2.87
Dad 3.53
Logan 3.15
Luke 3.16
Total 3.22

How about which breweries we like the most? For this I only considered breweries that 2 out of the 4 of us have tried. Here the top 10:

Knee Deep Brewing Company
Laughing Dog Brewing
The Alchemist
7 Seas Brewing
Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)
21st Amendment Brewery
Arrogant Bastard Brewing
Founders Brewing Co.
ABC Brewpub
Everybody’s Brewing
Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

I was going to have a chart showing the type of beers we drink the most, but we all had pale ales at the top of our lists.

Ok, I need to go find a beer. I’m thirsty. Slainte!

Neighborhood Brewing

When I’m out walking with Elijah, we regularly go past a neighbors house down the street and around the corner. He has his garage door open a lot and it’s obvious that he has some fancy brewing equipment in there. One day I finally stopped in with Elijah and just said, “You’ve got quite a setup here. Do you mind visitors?”

The guy’s name is Kevin and he is indeed very excited to have visitors. He’s in the process of launching his own brewery and has amassed some very nice equipment. His garage has about 10 taps, a small bar, some TVs and his brewing equipment. I’ve sampled some of his beer and it’s delicious! This is not your typical home brew setup.

He said he hasn’t really started marketing anything yet, but you can follow him on Facebook at Global Beer Company.