Safeco Date

Yesterday was a big day for Tyla and me. It was our first time out of the house without Elijah! As a thank you for some stuff I did at work, one of the directors gave me some very nice tickets to Safeco. It worked out well to have Tim and Chelsea babysit after church so we went for it.

It felt weird leaving the house without Elijah, but it was a great afternoon. The tickets were for the “All Star Club.” I didn’t know what to expect but we got VIP parking and a private entrance into the game. It looks like they took about five or six of their private boxes and combined them. There’s a huge buffet and private bar set up. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are included with your ticket. Tyla and I stuffed ourselves! There are only three rows of padded seating and Tyla and I had front row tickets. It was quite the experience!

When we got home, Tyla ran inside and … Elijah hardly seemed to have noticed that we were gone. Chelsea said he was a little confused when he woke up from his nap and we were gone but he never cried and they had fun playing together all afternoon. A HUGE thanks to Tim and Chelsea for giving up their afternoon for us! (And thanks to everyone else who has offered to do the same thing for us in the past even though we’ve never taken advantage of those offers!) Hopefully this is something we’ll get to do a bit more going forward.

allstarclub4 allstarclub1 allstarclub2 allstarclub3

DataVac Duster

datavacdusterI used to keep a couple cans of compressed air around the house. They’re handy for cleaning out computers and keyboards. When I discovered that they were handy in the shop too, I started going through them pretty quickly and that gets pricey at $4+ per can.

That’s when I found out about the DataVac Duster. At $60, it’s pricey, but I still recommend it. After 15 cans of compressed air, you’d break even, but in reality, since I know it’s basically free to use, I use it a lot more. I keep it on my work bench, and with the extra long cord, I can easily blow off tools, projects, etc. Don’t let the “vac” part of the name fool you. This thing only blows air and it does it very well. There are a couple extra nozzles you can attach to get even narrower streams of air.

When I bought it, it was a few dollars cheaper for whatever reason, but this is still a good tool to have around the house.


reservoirlowEven though the Pacific Northwest had a terrible ski season, we’re not doing too badly on our water supply to get us through the summer because there was just more rain than snow. But whenever drought rears it’s ugly head (like it has been in California for the past few years), you hear lots of talk about taking shorter showers, not filling your swimming pool,┬ánot watering your lawn, etc. But does that really make a difference?

This blog post has a lot of interesting charts and data showing how water is used in each of the fifty states. (Also, the charts are really fun to play with, but make sure you use Chrome because they don’t render well in IE.)┬áThere’s a ton of great information in there. For example, did you know that Idaho and Utah use way more water per person than any other state? But less than 2% of that water is used for domestic purposes. If you look at total water used, California uses WAY more than any state but most of it goes to irrigating arid land so it can be farmed.

So yes, taking a 3 minute shower will help, but it’s not even a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Ken’s Gun Day

A while back, Ken heard about a nice/safe/legal place to shoot out on some federal land. He was nice enough to take Logan and I there and reveal its secret location. We got there around 10am on a Saturday and there was another group setting up. Thankfully, they were friendly and very safety conscious. We had a safety meeting with them before any shots were fired and agreed on some protocols to make sure the day stayed fun for everyone. Aside from making the shooting area a little more cramped, they didn’t bother us at all.

Logan and Ken provided all of the guns and ammo. I can’t even tell you the names of everything they had, but I had fun shooting them. I brought along my shotgun but with the other group there, we decided not to throw any clays.

I snapped a few photos with my camera and also brought my quadcopter along. I figure if we’re going to participate in an activity that needlessly frightens big portions of the population, I might as well throw a DRONE into the mix too. The quadcopter was a little unbalanced producing some jello-y footage. I forgot to set it on 720p60 instead of 1080p30 which would have produced a little smoother video. But it’s still fun to see the site from the air and I popped it up a couple hundred feet high to take a peek around.

Thanks Ken for showing us your secret spot and thanks to both Ken and Logan for letting me play with all their toys!

gunday201504_01 gunday201504_02 gunday201504_03