Fantasy Football Pre Season

fantasyfootballIt’s almost time to start up the weekly fantasy football posts again! We had our draft on Friday so the teams are set. Yahoos super accurate, never incorrect stat predictions say that I’ll score the most points this season based on the people we drafted.

As a quick reminder, Austin won last year. Here were the full standings:


The first game of the season is September 8. Good luck everyone!

Survival Sunday

incaseofzombiesLast year we stocked up to prepare for a 3-4 day emergency so we’d still have food, water, etc. Those kits rapidly expire so we needed a way to stay on top of it. Today was the First Bi-Annual Survival Sunday. Here’s our current list of activities for these Survival Sundays:

  • Pour stored gas into vehicles and buy new. Add fuel stabilizer to gas cans.
  • Fill propane
  • Check food stores. Eat anything that’s going bad in the next 12 months. Replace.
  • Check water rations. Replace as needed.
  • Go through survival kit checking expiration dates on medicine, charges on batteries, etc.
  • Start up the generator and test it.
  • Check ammo supplies
  • Check expiration date on fire alarms and test alarm system
  • Check car first aid kits for expiration dates
  • Check fire extinguishers

Aside form getting a little too rambunctious with the smoke for the alarm test (our alarm kept going off), the day was a success. It’s probably totally unnecessary, but who knows, maybe we’ll be glad we did it some day. Given how often we’ve lost power in the last 12 months, some of this will probably come in handy. Bundling all this work into a single afternoon makes it a little less daunting than spreading it out over the year and forgetting everything.

Spreading Gravel

The driveway/parking lot at church is part gravel and part blacktop. Our friendly neighborhood rapscallions enjoy flying around the gravel circle and throwing gravel everywhere. Over time that has led to some big ruts and potholes that collect puddles and make mud. With wet weather on the horizon, it was time to do some repairs.

I ordered 12 yards of 5/8″ minus from Pacific Topsoil and had that delivered on Friday. On Saturday, Logan and I rented a small loader backhoe tractor to spread it around. It was the first time I’ve towed anything with my truck and it was awesome! The rental website claims that this was a 6000 pound trailer and tractor combo.

Neither Logan nor I knew the best way to spread the gravel around but we figured it out as we went. By the end we had a good method going. Hopefully the parts we did at the beginning hold up ok too.

Tyla brought Elijah to church near the end of the project and he loved moving the gravel and driving the tractor. He also thought it was pretty cool that the truck was towing a trailer. He had to ride with me to pull the tractor back to Home Depot.

Being a trustee at church is a lot of extra time and work, but days like today are fun!

gravel1 gravel2 gravel3 gravel4

Best Of YouTube

Jimmy Diresta starts off this week’s collection with a demonstration of a cool new CNC tool. It’s a standard router on a small handheld platform. You move it in the general direction that it needs to go and then it uses a camera to know where it is and make small adjustments to perfectly cut the design you loaded into it. This device has been in the works for quite a while and it looks like they are making a press push this week so there are lots of other videos available from other makers if you want more info.

The crazy Colin Furze is at it again. He built an ENORMOUS 360 degree swing in his back yard. The axle is the same height as his gutters. I hope his life insurance company doesn’t watch this. If you like this video, check out the two videos right before it on his channel where he shows you how he designed and made it.

And finally we’ll end with some mind bending physics talk. How can time be faster and slower at the same time depending on your observation point?

Tree Removal

We had two small cherry trees along our very short driveway. The blossoms looked beautiful in the spring but the trees were ugly the rest of the year. They were pruned very oddly and were starting to die off. The one closer to the house had a crazy root structure with a number of very large roots partially above the surface. It was time for them to go before they died more and started dropping branches.

Logan was kind enough to help me out with the whole process. We made quick work of them with a chainsaw and manual branch cutters. As we cut them up, I was amazed at how many of the branches were totally dead. Taking it down was a good decision. We each took a load of the branches to Pacific Topsoil and we were done with that part.

Then there were the stumps. Oh yeah. When I was planning this project, I figured we would just dig them out and maybe use the truck to help pull them out. A little digging revealed that would be a huge project and i was also nervous about the water, gas, communication and irrigation lines that run up that strip of property. Brute force didn’t seem like a good approach so we rented a stump grinder instead.

The first stump was very quick but the second one took us about two and a half hours because of the big network of large roots near the surface. We made a mountain of wood chips but we got it all done. Now I just have to feed those chips into my yard waste bin over the next week or two if I can’t find a use for them.

This fall we will be planting at least one new tree in that spot and then next spring I think we’ll make some planter boxes to start a small garden. It will be tiny compared to our neighbors beautiful garden, but it will still be delicious.

Logan, thanks for helping so much with this project!