500 Unique Beers

Congrats to Luke who has won the race to be the first one in our group with 500 unique beers logged in the Untappd app! His 500th beer was a Castor from 3rd Sign Brewery and he only a 3 out of 5 stars.

I’ve already done a post with some stats about our beer drinking, but here’s another one. It’s the average score that we give to beers. You can see that I’m a little more stodgy than the others, or maybe I’m just more willing to try beers I know I won’t like just so I can log them in the app. (I’ve included Logan this time since he has started using the app too.)

User Average Rating
Ben 2.87
Dad 3.53
Logan 3.15
Luke 3.16
Total 3.22

How about which breweries we like the most? For this I only considered breweries that 2 out of the 4 of us have tried. Here the top 10:

Knee Deep Brewing Company
Laughing Dog Brewing
The Alchemist
7 Seas Brewing
Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)
21st Amendment Brewery
Arrogant Bastard Brewing
Founders Brewing Co.
ABC Brewpub
Everybody’s Brewing
Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

I was going to have a chart showing the type of beers we drink the most, but we all had pale ales at the top of our lists.

Ok, I need to go find a beer. I’m thirsty. Slainte!

Neighborhood Brewing

When I’m out walking with Elijah, we regularly go past a neighbors house down the street and around the corner. He has his garage door open a lot and it’s obvious that he has some fancy brewing equipment in there. One day I finally stopped in with Elijah and just said, “You’ve got quite a setup here. Do you mind visitors?”

The guy’s name is Kevin and he is indeed very excited to have visitors. He’s in the process of launching his own brewery and has amassed some very nice equipment. His garage has about 10 taps, a small bar, some TVs and his brewing equipment. I’ve sampled some of his beer and it’s delicious! This is not your typical home brew setup.

He said he hasn’t really started marketing anything yet, but you can follow him on Facebook at Global Beer Company.

Weber Warranty

Almost five years ago, I purchased a Weber Genesis E330. It’s an expensive grill and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made. Cheap grills work fine and I’m thankful for the ones I had before this Genesis, but their optimum lifetime is only a year or two and then it’s just frustrating. I’ve used this Genesis heavily for 5 straight years and it works almost as well as the day I put it together in any weather conditions.

This year I decided it was time to replace a couple parts so I called Weber to order some new burners. In less then 2.5 minutes, the representative was sending me 4 new burners for free because I had just squeaked in under the 5 year warranty for those parts. She even through in a new locking wheel for free.

I love this company! This grill is going to easily last me another decade or two. If you’re in the market for a grill, consider a Genesis. Yes, it’s a big initial investment, but over it’s lifetime, you’ll save money and you will enjoy grilling every time you fire it up.

No Blog Books

I have books sitting on my shelf containing all of my blog posts from 2002-2014. I love the idea of having these all stored in paper form, but the reality is that they NEVER get pulled off the shelf. But I think I’m going to stop making them…

First of all, these books take a long time to publish. I wrote a program that pulls each post from the database and puts it into a Word doc, but it’s very rough and I have to go through each post to clean it up. Then I also add in all my tweets and Instagram photos and whew, it’s a solid couple weeks of effort per book.

I told Tyla I wasn’t going to do this anymore and she thought, “AUGH! What if you die? How will we save all your posts?” So here you go: if I die, someone with WordPress knowledge should ask Tyla for our master Last Pass password and then export it all to a text file. I’m pretty sure you can handle that. And if not, all these pages are probably stored on anyway.

This blog is unlikely to live forever. I’ve had many thoughts over there years (and they’re increasing in frequency) about dropping the blog and regaining a big chunk of time. It will happen some day. Maybe then I’ll decide that it’s wort the effort to finish out the book series to have a complete set. But until then, I’m going to save a bunch of time and some shelf space and not make dead tree versions of my ramblings.


Every week I listen to a podcast called Cordkillers. As the name implies, they cover all kinds of stories related to getting your TV over the internet. I’ve made it on to the show a couple times with letters that I’ve written. The most recent was episode 155 (link directly to my email) and they seemed to enjoy discussing my comment. They had been talking in a previous episode how the Netflix market was saturated and anyone who had ever thought about getting Netflix already had it. I wrote in to mention that we’re happy with Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

And then the day after they posted that episode… I resubscribed to the Netflix streaming package. I picked it up every once in a while to watch shows and then drop it when we go a month without watching it. It’s so nice to be able to add and drop services on a whim in this new world. It’s so much easier than adding and dropping cable!